Should you Take Legal Action? Call Today for a Free Consultation

May 6, 2015

Should you Take Legal Action? Call Today for a Free Consultation

Have you suffered a physical injury or financial loss as a result of someone else’s actions? If the answer is yes, give us a call now!
There are many instances when taking someone to court can be an appropriate action, such as when you’ve sustained a personal injury, have dealt with a breach of contract, or experienced property damage as the result of someone else’s negligence. If you decide to take legal action to resolve physical and financial losses, here are some factors to consider.

Although it may be clear to you who was at fault in an incident, you will still need to be able to prove your claim. Make sure you have relevant documentation, whether it’s an invoice, a letter or email, or even witnesses who can back up your claim.

In order to file a formal complaint, you will have to pay court fees or other types of filing fees.
Fees need to be paid when:
● you file the claim
● you take depositions
● if you need to enforce the judgment

In the event that you win your case, the defendant is often responsible for many of these costs, but it still may be some time before they are recovered.

Some complex cases involving multiple parties or intricate details are difficult to litigate and can take a lot of time for a resolution to happen. Even smaller claims that go through Arizona’s Compulsory Arbitration system can take months or years before a trial occurs.

Legal Issues
There may be some doubt about how the court will view the legal issues involved in your claim. This is why it’s important to seek legal professionals who have knowledge of the applicable laws and also know the correct procedures of filing claims in order to ensure that your rights are protected.

Even if you are unsure about taking legal action, you can discuss the merits of your case with an experienced attorney at Schenk Podolsky for free. Let us help you understand your options and what the best course of action will be. Contact us today to set up your free case consultation.