Valley Residents Assessing Storm Damages

September 19, 2014

Valley Residents Assessing Storm Damages

The Valley had never seen anything like it – torrential rainfall measuring nearly 5 inches in the span of a few hours. Parts of the Southwest became swamplands from this storm that shattered all previous rainfall records dating back to 1895.

flooding in arizona

Residents are still addressing the damage left from remnants of a Pacific Ocean hurricane, with freeways flooding and immense damage occurring to property statewide. Boats, vehicles and virtually anything that wasn’t tied down was swept away in many regions, including Mesa.

Many residents affected by the tropical storm had little chance to react. While some people awoke to emergency response messages sent electronically to their phones, many slept through the beginning stages of the storm.

No area was hit harder than New River and Black Canyon City, settlements along the desert north of Phoenix that span the stretch of nearby Interstate 17. About 15,000 people live within New River and were significantly impacted by property damage.

Residents were also forced to evacuate affected park areas by local authorities. Many living in RV communities were hit hard, as nearly 8 inches of water damage affecting some residents there.

The massive storm is a painful reminder that there is little we can do to prepare for some forms of property damage – after all, you can’t quite follow suit against Mother Nature. While many residents are left picking up the pieces, assessing the damages has been a full-time job.

Is your home storm-proofed? Ensure your roof is in good condition every few months, and that the gutters and down pipes are well maintained. Be sure to clear and tree branches and debris located near your home.

While we can’t protect you from storms, the legal team at Schenk Podolsky can help if you have suffered property damage through another party’s negligence. We understand how damages can turn your life upside down. We’ll help you claim the compensation to which you’re entitled – contact us today.