Ways To Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

October 16, 2017

Ways To Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Ways To Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a common problem that occurs each day and night, but these situations were often avoidable. Vehicle drivers and pedestrians are responsible for preventing an accident, and you should use these tips to prevent this problem.

Accident Prevention Tip 1: Remain Aware While On the Road

It is essential for you to remain aware while you are walking or driving along the road. Drivers shouldn’t try to use a cellphone for talking or texting because it increases the chance of having a vehicular accident. If you are walking along a street, then don’t wear headphones that block noise or music that can distract you from the sounds of any oncoming vehicles.

Accident Prevention Tip 2: Don’t Ingest Any Intoxicants

If you are driving a vehicle or going on a walk, then don’t ingest any intoxicants at home or at a party. When your mind is altered by alcoholic beverages or drugs, you can’t think normally, and your slow reflexes can make it impossible to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Intoxicants also change your visual acuity, making it difficult to notice moving objects. At the same time, if you are walking on a road after drinking or taking a medication, then you may not remain in the pedestrian lane.

Accident Prevention Tip 3: Maintain Visibility

When you are driving a vehicle, it is imperative to turn on your headlights an hour before dusk. In addition, make sure to keep the lights on after the sun begins to rise in the morning. Don’t forget to use your vehicle’s headlights when it is raining, foggy or snowing because it helps a pedestrian to see you. Alternatively, if you are a pedestrian, don’t walk at night in dark clothing that is impossible to see. Wear white or reflective garments to avoid any pedestrian accidents.

Accident Prevention Tip 4: Look for Crosswalks

If you are a pedestrian, then look for a crosswalk to cross a busy street. In most cities, there are dedicated crosswalks that have painted lines, streetlights, and signs to alert drivers that there are pedestrians nearby. When there is a button to push for a stoplight, make sure to wait until it is safe for you to walk across the road. At the same time, drivers must watch for crosswalks to remain aware of anyone getting ready to cross a street.

Accident Prevention Tip 5: Follow the Local Speed Limits

As a driver, you should understand the speed limit along a road, and if the pavement is wet or icy, then you should reduce your driving speed. When you are driving near a school, hospital or park, you must use additional caution because there are more pedestrians nearby, including children.


Statistics reveal that over 5,000 pedestrians are injured each year, and some of these accidents lead to death. In many cases, these accidents were preventable, but the driver or pedestrian wasn’t using the proper precautions.