What Are My Legal Options If I Verbally Accepted A Settlement In Mesa?

August 26, 2022

What Are My Legal Options If I Verbally Accepted A Settlement In Mesa?

Generally speaking, the average person doesn’t know whether they should accept a verbal settlement or not. There are a couple of things you can do following a verbally accept settlement in Arizona. Some can seem like it is the right choice but then you turn around and you have made a huge mistake. Schenk Podolsky helps you understand what those choices are and we inform you on what we think the best decision would be. We have one on one talks with you so we can get a better understanding of the situation you are in.  

If you are considering about taking an offer in Arizona then you need to take caution not to pick one that doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Some of these settlements may seem like good ones but not everything is what it seems.  They understand crash victims are in a state of shock and are worried about the damage. So they try to sell you an offer that you think you’re getting high compensation for the damages.

Most verbal agreements aren’t legally bound in Arizona. So you still have a chance to negotiate and put the odds in your favor. If you can pick the right one or negotiate later you can come up with more money than you think. That is because you haven’t signed anything to seal the deal. You should also talk to an experienced attorney before you consider doing so. That is why Schenk Podolsky offers you the best attorneys in Arizona. We can help you pick the right choice and sign a good deal. Our attorneys at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law will be able to negotiate for you to get higher compensation. 

Need Help After A Car Accident in Arizona About A Verbal Settlement?

Here at Schenk Podolsky in Mesa, we are specialized to help you get the best compensation. If you get more money then what the damages are going to cost? You may even be able to have some spending money left over. We make sure we do extensive research and look into every situation so we can make sure you come out on top. Our experienced team at Schenk Podolsky has the knowledge of the Arizona laws and we can use that to help you with your settlement case in Mesa. 

Schenk Podolsky A goal is to understand the situation. Which means contacting you and trying to figure out what happened. Our attorneys do everything in their power to give you the results you need. We want to make sure after you reach out to us that you feel like you are in good hands. We try to make sure you are satisfied and happy with the results you get.

Anything can happen at any time. You could be driving around  in Mesa and you see a car reversing out of its driveway. You know they should stop because they started backing out when you were inching away from them. But they didn’t they backed all the way out and there is a collision. You are confused because it happened on their property so the financial situation can get a bit tricky, but that is where we come in.

Schenk Podolsky prides itself on being to help people even when they are in a sticky situation regarding a car accident in Mesa. If you want to make sure you get all the important stuff done beforehand, then call us and we can figure out your full situation. We can do some investigating and figure out who the real culprit is. We can negotiate at a masterful level to make sure you are getting proper compensation for a car accident in Mesa.

What Actions Should I Take After A Car Accident in Mesa?

The first thing you should do after getting in a crash is getting on the phone with your insurance. The laws in Arizona can make it very tricky if you don’t go the proper steps in ensuring everything gets correctly handled with your lawyer and car insurance company in Mesa. Even though most of the time they try to make you say a verbal statement. As previously said you aren’t bound to anything. You should call them and make sure you inform them of all the details of the car accident that happened. If you want to be extra safe and cautious you can also call the police.  

They can give you an evaluation and hear both sides of the story and collect statements and documents of what happened. You will also learn who is really at fault. In Arizona, it is important you have all your needed documents in order. You will most likely be asked to present those needed documents. 

After you have completed those steps and gotten yourself a Schenk Podolsky attorney in Mesa. You should feel very relaxed and on top of the world. You don’t need to panic and stay up all night stressing about the situation. At this point, it is out of your hands and power.  We will fight for you and we will always take your side in the situation. We will help you conquer your verbal settlement case in Mesa.

If you have any questions or concerns about accepting a verbal settlement. Don’t be afraid to ask us. At Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law, love answering your questions and helping out in any way possible. We want to make sure you guys are informed and ready to go when the worst unexpected happens. You may never expect it or think “this won’t happen to me” but if and when it does, you need to be ready. Schenk Podolsky will always be ready on your side to help you with your verbal settlement in Mesa.