What To Do When Your Child Is Injured In An Athletic Event?

May 14, 2019

What To Do When Your Child Is Injured In An Athletic Event?

What to do if your child is injured in an athletic event

If your child has been injured in an accident during sports practice or an athletic event, how do you deal with the insurance?

Whatever the sport or the activity that your child is involved in (judo, skiing, football, rugby, soccer, track, hiking, swimming, baseball, etc.), in the event of an accident, here is the procedure to follow with regard to insurance, compensation, and social security.

If your child suffers an accident caused by a third party: an object or an animal, or they hurt themselves (bad fall for example), health/life insurance typically has you taken care of. However, if you are not covered by this type of insurance, it is the liability insurance of the person in charge of your accident (other players, animal owner, club, association, director of the sports, organizers of a sports event etc…) who will compensate you.

If your child caused an accident or damage, your insurance (liability), provided in your contract, which is normally listed as “multi-risk dwelling”, will compensate you for your victims.
In both cases, call your insurer quickly (you have 5 days to do so) and take the time to re-read the compensation conditions in your insurance policy. In particular, take a good look at the conditions for taking care of relief, care, repatriation, and compensation for loss of income in due to unemployment or loss of work.
Some so-called extreme sports like skydiving, diving, paragliding etc. require specific insurance or an endorsement specific to your insurance contract.

There are some insurance contracts that are given to the members of sports clubs who request it for their children, or they’re available on the websites of their clubs or federations. This allows you to consult the proposed guarantees and conditions.
Contact your club or association in those cases.

What about social security? Say, following the sports accident, your child ends up in hospital then in care.
Social security and complementary “health” (mutuals including those of employers) bear the cost of care and compensate for your loss of wages as any accident of life requiring a work stoppage.

To be reimbursed, you must, send to your primary health insurance fund the sheet of care and doctor’s prescription for your child, as soon as possible. Make it clear that this is a bodily injury and indicate its date.