Who Is Responsible For A Rental Car Accident In Arizona?

June 14, 2022

Who Is Responsible For A Rental Car Accident In Arizona?

The law offices of Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law specialize in rental car accidents in Arizona. They come across many cases involving rental vehicles and their counterparts, but it’s important to note that an Arizona auto accident can be just as messy if not worse than one with your own vehicle because you’re likely using someone else’s property without knowing all its intricacies which could lead them coming out ahead financially after court proceedings are finished–especially since most people who rent cars don’t carry insurance. 

The Arizona State says that if you are involved in an accident while renting a car, you are at fault. After the police file their report on-site and inspect for damages to both vehicles- not just yours but also those of any other drivers who might have been involved (and remember there could be more than one), then contact your insurance company about how likely they think this will lead towards claiming compensation via lawsuits before things go further south. The best way possible would involve gathering as much evidence so Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law in Arizona can do everything necessary when pursuing claims; including taking photos/videos where applicable. 

Rental car insurance in Arizona is included in most cases. If you have your own, however, there are some things to consider before adding a rental coverage policy on top of it such as the deductibles and limits that each offers so make sure this doesn’t create any duplicate coverage or extra fees when combining both policies together with one another – discuss with an insurance agent!

What To Do After The Rental Car Accident In Arizona

When involved in a rental car accident in Arizona, you and the other driver should pull over to safely stop. A crash isn’t much different than if it were your own vehicle; the only difference is that instead of driving yourself there’s an insurance policy for rentals available with damages paid out by this company – which could help cover some medical bills or damage done on their end! After calling 911 (or whatever emergency services are needed), be sure everyone has been taken care of before leaving the scene as well because accidents can happen quickly without warning when everyone might need assistance at once. 

Who Is At Fault For The Rental Car Accident?

When at the scene of a rental car accident in Arizona, make sure to gather everyone’s contact information who was involved in your rental car crash. This will allow you and their insurer (if they have one) to investigate what happened so that responsibility can be attributed accordingly – whether this means financial compensation for damages or other costs incurred by both drivers as well any injured people on board whose medical care may become necessary which covers allocating funds from those covered parties’ personal Injury protection policies following motor vehicle accidents abroad regardless where said events occur. 

What If It Was A Hit-and-Run Rental Car Accident?

The hit-and-run rental car accident in Arizona is no different than if you had your own vehicle. These accidents will be handled as any other hit-and-run incident because the company has the right to demand repairs be made immediately even though they might take forever for someone else’s responsibility (the driver). Depending on how much coverage there was with regards to this type of damage beforehand; some people may need additional funds coming out of pocket while others could find themselves in luck when it comes down time covering what happened – all depending upon their insurance policies!

Who Pays For A Rental Car Accident in Arizona?

Renting a car as well as having your own vehicle in Arizona can cost you hundreds or even thousands. Since the state is based on fault, whoever caused any accidents will be responsible for paying up to thousands of dollars worth of repairs-and that doesn’t include other people’s insurance companies! The authorities at the scene should investigate who was actually driving since this newly adopted law only requires those with rental contracts to prove they had permission from their renters before adding them onto their policy beforehand but not any more so make sure everything aligns otherwise there could potentially still come out negative earnings due to an accident after all are said done.

About Rental Car Insurance 

Rental car insurance is a separate coverage offered by rental companies. This isn’t just your regular auto insurance, it covers any accidents that could occur with the vehicle you booked in Arizona and can be added on top of personal comprehensive or liability policies if needed! Insurance agents at each company will help explain what limits there are for deductibles as well so don’t hesitate to ask them about anything related. 

Should I Get Rental Car Insurance 

Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law in Arizona is here to help you with your case and make sure that the justice department, as well as any insurance companies involved, will be dealt with properly. They can provide rental car coverage so there’s no need to hurry back home after getting hit by traffic or an uninsured driver! You’ll also receive comparable vehicles while yours are being repaired which allow for easy transportation during this time period of needing wheels around town until something new becomes available again. Renting a car is great for people who travel often and need the flexibility of driving their own vehicle. But what if you get into a rental car accident in Arizona? That would be expensive on top of everything else! You can avoid this expense by getting rental car insurance so that when it’s time to return your car, there won’t still be significant costs attached because they’re covered in advance by paying upfront or having them paid through work benefits like health care plans where employers cover part expenses related with employee’s accidents while driving.

Got Questions? Ask our attorneys at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law in Mesa, Arizona and we will be happy to help you with your rental car accident case.