Your parked car got hit. Can you file a claim?

August 20, 2021

Your parked car got hit. Can you file a claim?

Your parked car got hit

If your parked car got hit, you might not know what’s your next step, especially if the car sustained significant damage. Regardless, whether your car got hit while in traffic or when it’s parked, it’s important that you document the case, call the police and notify your insurance provider. After this, you can think about seeking legal help so you could submit a claim and receive compensation for the damage.

How can your parked car get hit?

There are different factors that can contribute to your parked car being hit:

  1. The driver that hit your car could be distracted, intoxicated or even fall asleep while behind the wheel. Quite often, the drivers hit more than one car on the side of the road.
  2. The at-fault driver could have misjudged the clearance and strike the side of your car. This mostly happens when the diver isn’t familiar with the size of his/her car or has to navigate through tight spaces, too close to other cars.
  3. The diver is experiencing a medica emergency such as a stroke or heart attach and can lose control of the vehicle.
  4. In order to avoid hitting another car, the driver takes evasive action and as a result it hits your parked car.
  5. While in a garage or parking space, the driver fails to check the blind spots around the car

There’s also a possibility that someone will hit your parked car, especially if you’re parked on the shoulder because you got a flat tire or you had to pull over for some other reasons.

Do you have coverage if someone hits your parked car?

If your parked cat gets hit, you will first need to go through your insurer in order to file a claim. The coverage of the damage can depend on your insurance policy and if that type of situation is in fact covered, the insurance will help you repair the damage.

Purchasing additional coverage, in case of accident can also provide coverage for the damage:

Collision coverage – This applies when you need to repair the damage caused by another driver. It doesn’t matter who is the at-fault driver.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage – This will provide coverage for damages if the other party is not insured or his/her insurance isn’t enough to pay for the damages.

Even though these additional insurance coverages aren’t required by law, but many vehicle owners do purchase them, aside from the PIP and property damage insurance, which are mandatory.

What to do if the responsible driver fled the scene?

Hitting someone’s car and leaving the scene without contacting the police and leaving your contact information is illegal. This is known as a hit-and-run accident.

If the driver cannot be contacted, the insurance provider will assume that he is either uninsured or underinsured and this is where your uninsured coverage would help. In the event that the at fault driver is found, and your damages are significant, filing a legal claim to recoup your losses is possible.

Across the U.S., every state has different hit-and-run penalties depending on whether the accident caused only property damage or it also caused body injury.

If you decided to take legal action against the at-fault driver, you will need help from experienced car accident attorney. Make sure to contact our lawyers at Schenk Podolsky and schedule a consultation. We will go over your case with you, see if there is a case to pursue and help you get the compensation that you deserve.