What’s Premises Liability Insurance?

June 5, 2018

What’s Premises Liability Insurance?

Premises Liability

Premises liability is the legal principle in which accidents on some property hold owners of that property as mainly responsible at some level. This principle also stands for premises that can occur. Premises liability impacts businesses that own business property and hold them legally responsible for the safety of guests to that property.

There are products that insurance companies offer to a business people to help them cover premises liability risks.

Potential Incidents

If you are managing business out of your home or have a business property, those premises pose some level of potential for an accident. The scale and type of disaster depend on the property location and the nature of the business.  Owners must consider their property for injury prevention and safety.

Visitor Status

One of the significant role in determining your liability when the accident/injury occurs . on your premises is the status of the injured party upon entry. When a business opens its doors to customers, you are in the same way liable when the person is a guest. Third parties who come to your property for their purpose at the owner’s consent( your consent), are the owner’s responsibility, in some states.  Those people who enter the property without an invitation or permission pose the least burden of liability to the owner of the property. FindLaw notes that more states are holding property owners accountable for legal visitors, including guests, but not for illegal visitors.

Others Consideration

Other factors related to establishing safety environment are considered by the court when hearing cases on premise liability. Key Issue includes: Whether the property was being used as directed by the owner when the incident occurred, the “foreseeability” of the event by the owner, and whether the owner did enough to fix a dangerous condition or to warn visitors about potential dangers.  If there is a reason for children to be potential guests on your property, your protection should be adequately increased.

Coverage provided by insurance should assign to you experienced liability loss adjuster to assist you. Here in Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law, you can get valuable information and of course consultation about the next step.

Personal liability

This form of liability arises out of individual actions if you negligently cause another person to sustain an injury. For instance, you may be hitting some golfer with a tee shot, or maybe knock on the umbrella stand at your friends’ house. The key to this coverage is the concept of negligence, a non-intentional act that results in covered losses sustained by a third party. Standard personal liability insurance won’t cover Intentional violence, libel or slander.

Remember that liability insurance only covers your actions and premises that you occupy as a personal residence. If you buy and occupy the premises, you should discuss this with your insurance advisor.

Here at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law, we can help you find insurance coverage that will protect you in the course of your work as well as the premises where you carry out your business.